Thursday, August 28, 2014

For Grandparents Month: Enjoy Orlando with the Grandkids

There’s nothing more fun than being a grandparent in Orlando; seeing the excitement on your little princess’ face when she meets her favorite princess. The same, of course, goes for your introducing your young grandson to his favorite super hero or sharing a first roller coaster ride.

Not only does Orlando have more than ever before for the youngest park goers, but September may be the best month to visit.
Brave grandkids can get up close to sea otters at Discovery Cove in Orlando.

The crowds are gone and there are values galore, with offering 30 days of savings up to 50% off during Magical Deal Month this September.

September is also National Grandparents Month, with the chance to get a special premium membership to that includes additional Orlando discounts.

Grandparenting Travel Tips

Plans meals together so that you can split up during the day and share your adventures at night.

But before you set foot in Orlando, make sure of the following:

  1. Everyone is clear on who is paying for what.
  2. There’s built-in time for the youngest park goers to get a nap during the day—and grandparents to get a break, if they want one. 
  3. You plan to stay somewhere with easy transport from the hotel to the parks so no one has to drive.
  4. There’s the opportunity for family members to split up to see different attractions.
  5. Everyone is clear on how much grandma and grandpa ant to babysit at night—and how much time they want on their own.
  6. Restaurant reservations have been made in advance so there’s less waiting in line or trying to find a place for the group to eat. 

At Walt Disney World, hotel bookings and restaurant reservations are even easier with Disney’s new MyMagic+ that allows you to create a Family & Friends list to plan your vacation, pre-book FASTPASS experiences, and reservations, pose for pictures -- a must for your multigenerational reunion -- and manage it all on a free mobile app.

Dave n Buster's has game play for both adults and kids during the September #MagicalDeals Month in Orlando.

Most important, don’t force anyone to ride an attraction—kids or adult.

There is always next time!

Eileen Ogintz contributed this  post. She is the author of the Kid’s Guide to Orlando and she writes the syndicated column and website Taking the Kids.

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