Friday, August 16, 2013

Playlist Productions Rockin' Carnival Cruise

The fun never stops on Carnival Cruises, especially with their Fun Ship 2.0 campaign designed to phase in new and exciting enhancements to the Carnival experience like the new Playlist Productions show.  The Playlist shows are designed to revamp the image of the usual show-at-sea with a musical revue, bringing in new singing and dancing talent well versed in today’s pop hits and classic favorites.  These themed shows range from the crooning soul of Motor City, to spicy Latin Nights, and the glitz and glamor of pop-star Divas, as well as across-the-pond favorites with The Brits!, the rocking Epic Rock, and a not-so exclusive Studio VIP set —there’s something for everyone’s personal musical tastes, mixed and mashed with unique dance routines to dazzle the audience.  Best of all, each ship features a variety of these shows, ensuring that guests won’t be bored with just one type of Playlist show to choose from.

The Family Vacationist got the chance to view a special Playlist Production preview show aboard the Carnival Glory. Docked in New York City, the Glory not only offered a fantastic view of the famous city skyline, but also a solid performance with their Playlist stars.  With LED screens and rotating set-props, Carnival’s Playlist crew twirled about and sang their hearts out as if part of a music video to a wide variety of old favorites and fresh hits. Of the venerable line-up of Playlist shows, I had the chance to watch Motor City, Latin Nights, and Divas--each show had their own flair and stayed true to their set themes, with costumes and the LED backdrop shifting as needed to match. The challenge for the Playlist crew is their ability to sing and dance in a variety of styles, whether emulating Maxine Nightingale's "Right Back Where We Started From" or Lady Gaga and Beyonce's "Telephone", the cast performed their varied roles beautifully.  

Do note, though, that the revue is shorter than a full musical production; although this also means that guests won't be lingering too late for Playlist shows and can, perhaps, schedule enough time for another activity afterwards. Also, as one of the (relatively) youngest audience members in the room I found the Playlist selection was satisfactory, however I will admit that the song selection did favor a younger, fist-pumping crowd than fans of the classic singer-and-live-band cruise-concert combo.

Still, the show was certainly fun, with its medley of songs and styles of dance offering a look into whole genres of hits. Be sure to watch out for unique audience interaction, and do not be afraid to clap along to the beat or to get up in your own seat and dance.  It may not be the typical cruise show experience, but it is fun if you give it a chance to sway into the music and the electrifying beat.

For more information on the Carnival Cruise Funship 2.0 schedule, check out our Carnival Cruise guide! 

Guest post by Angeli Rafer.

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