Saturday, June 29, 2013

State Department Ranked #3 Job for Undergrads - With Disney at #1

Parents of recent college graduates may be surprised at a new poll about the job search process as reported by Forbes magazine.

In this poll, Universum Communications asked up-and-coming entrants into the job market, who, exactly, was their "Most Ideal Undergraduate Employer." slideshow depicts top 10 job prospects selected by undergrads

Their top 3 choices in order of popularity:

1.  Walt Disney Company (22%)
2.  United Nations
3.  U.S. Department of State

According to a press release from U.S. Department of State, liberal arts undergraduates saw the State Department as an ideal employer for the "opportunities to do challenging work with a good amount of responsibility."

You can learn more about foreign and civil service career opportunities and the Foreign Service Officer Test online, or get the kids to download the DOSCareers mobile app available free the App Store and Google Play.

Grads should definitely check out the Forbes article, which provides other resources in the job hunt process with more information about the top 10 companies they chose.

Family Travel Forum has a large section on volunteer opportunities for teens alone or teens with families.

And, of course, your kids should definitely see Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan in "The Internship," which will pass the time when the job hunt gets too frustrating.

My kids loved it. 

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