Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stockholm Sports Arena Debuts the Wildest Sky Ride Ever!

Anyone dropping by the city of Stockholm, Sweden, one of Europe's most family friendly places (as you can tell from FTF's guide to Stockholm Family Attractions), has a new must-see attraction.  Or, should we say must-ride?

The spherical Globen Arena, long home to Stockholm's famous hockey team, has just found a way to encircle itself in a very unusual fashion.  When asked about ways that visitors could enjoy the enormous sphere's place in this beautiful city, the Globen's architectural team debated about installing interior elevators or an exterior tower to transport visitors through its unusual spaces.  In the end, they decided to construct a curved funicular on the exterior of the building, with tracks that follow the sphere's arc to its roofline.

 The tracks support two ball-shaped glass gondolas that travel up the side of the arena, also known as the Ericsson Globe. They pass each other slowly on the 130 meter ride to offer visitors the best possible views of the Stockholm skyline.  Known as SkyView, this video makes it seem like quite a ride.

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