Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Foodies Flock to Puerto Vallarta

It's a beachfront city with lots of watersports, eco-adventurers, a gay friendly vibe that attracts same-sex couples with their kids and, perhaps most of all, a true foodie destination.

Along Puerto Vallarta's famous seafront promenade, foodies must pause and look out to sea when reaching the Vitea Restaurant. It's not because of Vitea's food, though that is quite good. In front of the restaurant is a bronze sculpture dedicated to the art of the kitchen, and embedded in the boardwalk are bronze plaques that honor the city's famous chefs in a Culinary Walk of Fame.

 Vitea Restaurant, Malecon

If this place sounds delicious, read reviews of the many family-friendly hotels of Puerto Vallarta at this Pacific coastal resort.

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