Monday, August 9, 2010

Butler Makes S'Mores for the Ritz Carlton Family

The press release reads like this:  "A resort guest relaxes on the terrace of an ocean-view room, thinking how glorious it might be to have a warm flame going in the terrace’s private fire pit, a glass of wine in hand and the chance to roast hand-made s’mores under the stars... Suddenly, the traveler’s fantasy comes to life, as a vision in a specially-outfitted golf cart takes form beside the private terrace, offering to assist with fire lighting, outdoor wine service, after-dinner drinks, dessert on the terrace, and even hand-crafted s’mores for the family..."

It's true, at the glamorous Northern California Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, there's a so-called "Fire & Wine Butler" who will serve guests anything and custom cook s'mores for the family who's afraid of scalding marshmalow burns!

Check out this place on the Pacific:

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