Monday, October 26, 2015

Pig Out in Kansas City and Then What?

Having just returned from five days in Kansas City, Missouri -- two of them spent on a tour of Barbecue Joints hosted by the tourist office team from Visit KC -- I now officially qualify as a travel foodie.

Of course, we all like to eat well. My family eats out one or two nights a week in New York City, arguably one of the country's capitals of delicious dining. My husband took me to two fantasy restaurants for my birthday -- a three-star Michelin one and a James Beard-award winning one. (Both lovely, with mythical menus.)

Burnt Ends on a roll, beef ribs and pork ribs with pickles, all from Arhtur Bryant's BBQ, Kansas City

I love that on the road, we have so many opportunities to try new foods. Yet, the huge Midwest portions of Burnt Ends and Babyback Ribs served on my trial by greasy paw expedition seemed overwhelming at times... even when washed down with the cough-syrup pink Strawberry Soda that is so popular in these parts.

Burnt Heaven Sandwich, Charbar: Beef burnt ends with smoked sausage, cabbage slaw, fried jalapenos, chiptole mayo.

So what makes me think I would ever join an all-you-can-eat contest? Nothing, except that I was totally fascinated by this infographic sent to me by the Canvas Factory PR team. In it, they review the major eating contests in all 50 states, allowing you to roam their interactive map to see where and what you'll do to Pig Out next!

Full map at Canvas Factory
The interactive map helps you figure out where to travel next for your "trial by fork." 

They challenge us all, "Think you’ve got what it takes to plough through an 8 lbs grilled cheese sandwich? Or could you demolish a beef burger with all the trimmings, totaling a whopping 15 lbs in weight?"

If the answer is yes, and you want a richly visual and tasty version of where these yummy food challenges occur, including photos of the food challenges as they are served, then take a look at rest of this fun roundup version on Canvas Factory!

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