Monday, July 7, 2014

Every Day Connect - Advice for college grads looking to network

Every Day Connect is a new campaign aimed at young college grads, created by Fairfield Inn & Suites. The goal of the program is to inspire young businessmen and women with interesting opportunities and advice. The information offered on the site comes from four entrepreneurs who were all on this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Giving grads this guidance will help them develop the networking skills needed to connect to mentors who will counsel them in establishing successful careers.

The four program ambassadors are:

  •        Kane Sarhan, co-founder of Enstitute, a company connecting students enrolled in higher education to apprenticeships with successful entrepreneurs.

Kane Sarhan, Co-Founder of Enstitute
He provides two tips for success:
1) Do more and want less.
2) Remember where you came from and who helped get you there. Building strong relationships is what will make your career enjoyable and make you successful.
  •        Mark Arnoldy, the CEO of Possible. Possible is a nonprofit healthcare company that provides quality, inexpensive healthcare to people in the poorest areas of the world.

Mark Arnoldy, CEO of Possible
His advice for recent graduates: “Go and experience a problem in the world and find something that you can make a long-term commitment to. Serve a market of needs instead of a market of wants.”

  •        Eden Full, creator of the SunSaluter, a machine that provides clean water at a low-cost, while utilizing energy from solar panels.

Eden Full, Creator of SunSaluter
She advises grads to: “Find something that you like to do. You will gain success if you have a good idea and people who support you. To gain support reach out to your mentors and tell them your story. Take the time to build relationships.”

  •        Meg Gill, owner of Golden Road Brewing. This company’s goal is to manufacture beer in a sustainable manner.

Meg Gill, Owner of Golden Road Brewing
She provides this advice on getting started in your field of interest:  “Find a job, but don’t be too concerned with the long-term today. Take an unpaid job to get your feet wet. It’s not about the money you make now, because it will come later. Find something and some people who can help guide you along your way.”

What these successful entrepreneurs have in common is that they are dedicated, hard-workers, who all have had a mentor to guide them along the way.

The Every Day Connect Program hopes to foster mentorships that will help the newest generation of businesspeople succeed in the same way that these four did by providing videos with advice and stories to help recent grads achieve their career goals.

Guest post by Elizabeth Russo

Photos Courtesy of Every Day Connect

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