Saturday, August 13, 2011

Live Luxuriously Like the Moroccan Royal Family

Royal Mansour is a luxurious hotel in Morocco that melds traditional and historical Moroccan life with luxury and comfort. Built on 8 acres within the walls of the old Moroccan city of Marrakech, the Royal Mansour aims to immerse its guests into Moroccan culture. The hotel claims that the “Royal Mansour is more than a palace; it is the embodiment of Moroccan living as an art form,” and through its restaurants, a spa, a reception area, dining and library among other lavish amenities, the hotel certainly lives up to this claim.

Guest rooms are in elegant riads, which are traditional Moroccan houses or palaces, complete with an interior garden or courtyard. Each room is artistically crafted, with a colorful array of fabrics, silks, carpets and carved ceilings. At the heart of the riad, you can relax and unwind in the courtyard with a fountain, or on the roof terrace with its sun deck and chimney. If the plush surroundings aren’t enough for you to feel fully in the lap of luxury; then perhaps this will: each riad comes with its own butler.

Regal Kids at the Royal Mansour

There’s a place for children at the Royal Mansour as well that are enough to surely make them feel like little prince and princesses. At Royal Mansour Marrakech’s Joujou Kids Club, the daily activities schedule is full of learning opportunities for kids such as mini lessons in Arabic, art and clay modeling classes, and story time.

In addition, the club is outfitted with an indoor playground complete with a rope bridge and slide, and in warmer months, afternoons are filled with games in the swimming pool.  For children under age 4, babysitting services are also available.

Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy 

During your stay at the Royal Mansour, you and your whole family can partake in numerous memorable activities a short distance from the hotel. Since summer days top 100 degrees, the winter holiday and spring seasons are the best time to visit. Ride camels in the vast palm grove area of Palmeraie, just 10 minutes away from the hotel.

For those seeking adventures, try the Terres d’Amanar, an eco-adventure area about a 40-minute drive from the city. It is a perfect spot for the teens in the family, offering mountain biking, zip-lining, and falconry. Green thumbs can visit the Casa Botanica, a colorful tree nursery in Marrakech, where children can learn about and observe aloe, agave and yuccas. The nursery also offers donkey and poney rides for children.

Planning a Royal Mansour Stay 

From the black marble road leading to the entrance to the almost 500 staff members, Royal Mansour is everything short of staying at a palace. The top local craftsmen were recruited, and their level of skill and attention to detail literally make the property a work of art and an attraction in itself. Rates for a full individual riad (one to four bedrooms) start from $2,347.09 per night.

While the hotel is pricey, a stay at the Royal Mansour is sure to be an unforgettable experience with priceless memories.  For more information, visit Royal Mansour. For more information on Morocco with the family, see our Family Travel Forum article Marrakech, Morocco with Kids in Tow.


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