Saturday, August 27, 2011

Houseboaters Floating High on Lake Mead and Lake Powell

A great year for rain and snowfall in the Colorado Rockies has resulted in rising lake levels at both Lake Powell and Lake Mead, according to our colleagues at Forever Resorts.  These beautiful lakes, dominating the arid, mountainous landscape between Nevada and Arizona, are magnets for family recreation, with dozens of marinas in operation year round, so this is great news..

Reports of more water mean greater excitement for boaters, hikers and others interested in aquatic recreational opportunities.  Even on land, it's also a fascinating region for families to explore, as you can see in this review of a Hoover Dam day trip and an attractions guide to Las Vegas with kids.

Don't expect rushing whitewater just yet, as these lakes are recuperating slowly from years of drought.  Lake levels at Lake Mead, which is currently less than half full, have risen by nearly 22 feet this year and are expected to continue to rise for the next year and a half, according to the federal Bureau of Reclamation.

At Lake Powell, where the lake has achieved 76% of its full-pool status, levels have risen 50 feet since April and peaked on July 31. Higher water means, however, more lake to explore. For example, just last year it could take nearly an hour to hike to Rainbow Bridge National Monument (a must-see!) from the closest docking point on Lake Powell, and now it’s only a quarter-mile away.  

Enjoying Houseboat Fun with the Family
“Visitors are definitely reacting to the rising water levels positively,” said Kim Roundtree, GM of Callville Bay Resort and Marina. “After watching the ‘bathtub’ ring get taller and taller on the rocks surrounding the lake over the past years, it’s thrilling to see it reversing.”

Lake Powell’s Antelope Point Marina (pictured above) and Lake Mead’s Callville Bay, Temple Bar and Echo Bay marinas have taken full advantage of the high water, and there are many ways for visitors to play in both lakes:

Forever Houseboats, available at Antelope Point Marina at Lake Powell and Callville Bay and Temple Bar marinas on Lake Mead, offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for multi-generational families and groups of friends to immerse themselves in the outdoors, while enjoying all the comforts of a floating home on the water. Houseboats have dozens of amenities, including private staterooms, top-deck hot tub and waterslide, satellite TV, front deck barbecue grill and spacious, climate-controlled living areas.

Floatels, available at Echo Bay Marina (Lake Mead), offer all the comforts and amenities of houseboats, but remain securely docked at the marina.

Small Boat Rentals, available at all marinas on Lake Powell and Lake Mead, allow outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy fishing, skiing, wakeboarding, waverunning, or simply cruising their favorite lake destination. Kayaks are also available at Antelope Point and Temple Bar Marinas; all watercraft at each marina are available for hourly, daily or weekly rental.

Contact Forever Resorts for more information and maps of available rentals. And catch (and release) a fish for us!

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