Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Touring Europe with Teens the Easy Way

We recently received an irresistable email:

"I found your website online and really like it. What do I need to do to be listed as a provider for fun family travels in Europe?"  

With an intro like that, we thought you should meet Jo-Jacqueline Eckardt, the author, for yourself.  J-J has founded a company that aims to make travel with teens more fun.  We couldn't be more supportive. Here's her story, in her own words:

My company offers a new approach to family travel The innovative features:
  • great touristic highlights in Europe and mostly Germany (important cities, typical villages, historic places, castles, sea and moutains)
  • two guides - one for the adults, one for the adolescents
  • luxury hotels, all with pool
  • small groups (20-30), and all families have teenagers, so there is a chance to meet others
  • choice of fun activities such as climbing and kajaking (for the teens) and cultural visits (for the adults)
My tours, I hope, will excite adults and teens equally! 

Starting this summer, we will explore Germany in small groups (trips last from 7 - 12 days). We will stay in luxury hotels with pools (kids will love that and get to know the other kids really fast this way!), we will travel to Munich, Berlin, the Alps, the Baltic Sea, quaint villages and mountains. 

There will be some joint touring, but the teens will have their own guide and do things on their own every day: a mountain bike tour, a boat ride, climbing, visiting an amusement park etc. 

Meanwhile the adults can do what they like: visiting a museum, taking a scenic harbor cruise, or explore a midieval village.

Thanks for reading this!
Jo-Jacqueline Eckardt, Ph.D.

More information on the family tours: Europe with Teens
More information about me and my Berlin company:

Frankfurt along the river, in summer

We hope you'll have a chance to meet J-J and let us know how the tour goes!

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