Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cheap Flights to Haneda - Tokyo's Hip New Nearby Airport

The buzz in Tokyo is about the new Haneda Airport, the former domestic-only Tokyo airport that began receiving international flights a few months ago. Among the 13 international destinations connected directly to Haneda, three US (American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines) and two Japanese (Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways) carriers serve non-stop routes from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Honolulu and New York's JFK Airport.

What really counts for now:  ANA, Delta, JAL and other airlines and tour operators are introducing special rates and air - hotel - transportation packages in honor of the new route. 

In addition to value, here are 7 good reasons to fly into Haneda instead of the long popular Narita.
  • Haneda is more conveniently located for most tourists to Japan, because it's near the heart of Metropolitan Tokyo.
  • On arrival, instead of investing in a whopper taxi bill or waiting for a group bus, you  can hop on the futuristic Tokyo Monorail, which provides a bird's-eye view of Tokyo Bay as you travel to Hamamatsucho Station in just 13 minutes.
  • Using the monorail is quick, easy, fun and green, because it's powerwed by solar energy
  • Haneda provides the easiest access to continuing domestic travel within Japan without any inter-airport transit time.
  • It's new and traveler-friendly with fun attractions and shops, like a cool observation deck
  • Haneda has the world's first airport planetarium, Starry CafĂ© Planetarium, where you can eat and watch 40 million stars.
  • The airport's 4th floor Edo Market is designed like Old Tokyo with narrow alleys and stores offering Japanese souvenirs, crafts, noodles and more.
Visit JapanTravelInfo's Haneda Specials for more information and discounts offered by various airlines flying this new route.


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  2. Sadly, many of the airlines have now cancelled their flights to Haneda because of the dangers from the earthquake, tsunami and radiation effects of the broken nuclear power plants. Very sad indeed.

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