Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Beatles 50th Anniversary Celebrated in Hamburg

On August the 17th 1960, The Beatles played their very first concert at Hamburg, Germany's music club Indra.That club, like most of the city's music scene then and now, was located on the infamous Reeperbahn that coursed through the Red Light District.

Since the 50th anniversary in August 2010 of that momentous performance, the city of Hamburg has been celebrating The Beatles` very first concert and the band`s exceptional contribution to the history of pop music.

It is said the band began what came to be called the `Hamburg Sound` with 281 gigs played over 2 1/2 years. These live shows laid the foundation for their enormous, worldwide popularity and a decades-long career.

Hamburg has a lot of family-friendly attractions for the visiting family, and even the refreshed Reeperbahn, once the center of illicit after-hours activity, has become a must-see destination.

This fun video chronicles some of the Beatles honorary events that took place in Hamburg, Germany, where many monuments to their career still exist.. 

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