Monday, January 17, 2011

Chocolatistas! Indulge Your Passion in Vegas

Las Vegas has many one-of-a-kind attractions and the School of Pastry Design is only one of them. But oooohh, so delicious a destination!

Having seen the documentary "Kings of Pastry" and eaten tons of chocolate, we are masters at all things pastry and dessert. But actually, nowhere near the mastery of a professional like Chris Hammer, who creates colorful, edible, life-size pastry or chocolate art for a living.

The School of Pastry Design is this celebrity chef's masterpiece. Hanmer, the youngest world pastry team champion ever, is a former pastry chef for multiple AAA Five Diamond hotels, and he is a frequent face on the TV Food Network. He is the popular creator of “flexible chocolate,” a technique he invented while in the midst of a Food Network Challenge.

That's what makes his Chocolate Class Series 1 so enticing.

In just 8 hours, and for a fee of $400, Hammer says he can teach any beginner how to temper, maintain and work with chocolate as well as contemporary techniques including flowers and colors. Every participant will end the class by making an "artistic showpiece" designed by Chef Chris.

Hanmer also welcomes visitors into his new Las Vegas show kitchen, while continuing to teach all things dessert. For the more casual pastry experience, he offers chocolate tastings, chocolate parties, creative cooking competitions for parties and showers, a unique “chocolate laboratory,” and light-hearted pastry classes for groups. But like most things Vegas, this isn't really child's play.

The School of Pastry Design is located at 6627 Schuster Street, Las Vegas, NV 89118-4420. Visit their School of Pastry Design site or call 702/523-9390 for information on the most delicious activity for your brood.

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