Monday, October 18, 2010

Follow in the Footsteps of Steig Larssen in Stockholm loves to travel to the source of favorite books, whether they are popular kids books or novels that have captivated all ages. (Just check out our "Angels & Demons Family Tour of Rome" and you'll see what we mean.) That is what makes the Millennium Tour of Stockholm, Sweden -- based on a set of thrillers -- so much fun.

Anyone who likes mysteries has probably heard of "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."  Over 27 million fans have read it along with author Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy about journalist Mikael Blomkvist and computer hacker Lisbeth Salander. Said to be the second most widely read author in the world for 2009, Larssen is the inspiration behind a new walking tour of his native Stockholm, Sweden.

The Millennium Tour guided by the Stockholm City Museum shows the blocks where the Millennium books and films were made.  The tour includes Steig Larsson`s favorite places, the Old Town and the central island of Södermalm, Stockholm.  Here's a short video they did  with film star Michael Nyquist that will give you a flavor of the tour.

The books' rights have been sold in more than 40 countries, attracting tourists to Sweden from all over the world. The original European film versions of the novels are being remade in America, and will surely add many more tourists to the mix. If you're heading to one of our favorite family destinations, then join the Stockholm City Museum's tour. It will help fans and visitors learn more about the books' milieu and is a great overall intro to the city. Visit to get more information.

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