Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby On Board? Watch Out for Summer Weather

According to government statistics, more than 30 children die of hyperthermia (exposure to extreme heat) each year. Often these deaths are a result of distracted parents and caregivers forgetting they have a child in the backseat.

Most parents don't realize that on a 75 degree day, the interior of a vehicle can reach over 100 degrees in about a half hour. Studies show that the interior temperature will continue to increase about 45 degrees every hour. To prevent summer tragedies, child safety engineers at General Motors have been working with Safe Kids to come up with tips for parents.

Tip #1;
Common sense! Never leave your child alone in a vehicle; small children cannot roll down windows, unlock doors or unbuckle themselves.

Tip #2:
Make the backseat a very important place!  As a reminder your child is in the backseat, place your cell phone, PDA, purse or briefcase on the floor in front of your child's car seat.

FamilyTravelForum.com shares this video safety message from GM to help parents protect young children from being left behind --even if they're resting quietly -- in a car's scorching backseat on hot summer road trips.

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