Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inspiring Antarctic Exhibit Opens in New York City

The American Museum of Natural History will open “Race to the End of the Earth” on Saturday, May 29th. This inspiring exhibit chronicles the heroic competition between British Royal Navy captain Robert Falcon Scott and Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen as they raced their men across Antarctica to claim the last great geographical prize on earth: the South Pole.

The exhibit showcases a number of artifacts from both groups of explorers including original sleds, clothing, watches, and goggles. The many handwritten letters and journal entries from the explorers confirm both the pains and joys that so often accompany the human drive to discover.

With family friendly displays that employ viewfinders and touch screens, as well as full scale dioramas of different Antarctic camps, exhibit goers can experience the same thirst for knowledge that drove Amundsen and Scott so many years ago.

In conjunction with the opening of “Race to the End of the Earth,” the American Museum of Natural History will also host New York City’s International Polar Festival. This kid-friendly fair will feature a number of interactive events and activities that focus on Antarctica. Events include a meet and greet with real Antarctic explorers as well as "Penguins and Polar Bears: The Tip of the Iceberg," an interactive live show that employs puppets, songs, and games to demonstrate life on the frozen continent.

Access to both “Race to the End of the Earth” and the NYC Polar Festival is included in the museum’s standard admittance. Admission to the Museum of Natural History is $16.00 for adults, $9.00 for children and $12.00 for students and seniors. For more information please call 212/769-5100 or visit

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