Friday, March 12, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations Around the World

Over 70 million people worldwide claim Irish heritage and St. Patrick's Festival is their opportunity to celebrate Ireland and St. Patrick himself. But who was St. Patrick? Thanks to Tourism Ireland, we can share this video about the wayward minister's son, who after being enslaved as a shepherd at age 16, returned to his homeland to "Christianize" the residents of Northern Ireland.

The St. Patrick's Festival in Ireland runs from March 12–17, 2010. It's an amazingly exciting time of year to visit the country, and a week when visiting families will find local families partaking in the merriment, family fun, church-going and, of course, hearty drinking that prevails.

Every community in Ireland participates, in addition to the thousands of other parades and festivals held elsewhere. Highlights in Ireland this year include the explosive Skyfest on Saturday 13 March, which will light up the skies over the city of Limerick, and the St. Patrick's Festival Parade in Dublin.

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